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Concrete Worx as a construction company started out of a perceived opportunity when everyone seemed to be getting out of the concrete raft and slab market around 2007

Progress was soon apparent.  A particular incident was when a large contractor withdrew from a certain job but Concrete Worx having accepted the challenge, soon completed the project successfully.

Concrete Worx has shown strength in critical areas such as: Thought leadership, forward thinking and advisory consultancy. This was possibly as a result of an over sensitized sense of responsibility by Vincent Webber, who heads up Concrete Worx, focusing on construction project management. (See our photo gallery of Slabs, Rafts, Beams, Columns, plumbing, steel and other construction work.)

Over years of being in business, Vincent has built long term relationships with people that form teams of workers each with particular skills for different job requirements. As a result, Concrete Worx is able and knowledgeable to complete each kind of construction job successfully by using acknowledged methods and procedures.

Vincent's personal drive and thinking has been shaped and expressed by the statement below:

"What you want we will get, what we can't get, you most probably don't need. And what we can't organize nobody can. Anything that needs to be done cannot be done better by someone else."

Vincent is a man of integrity and will do what he says he will do. His underlying motivation is the desire to exceed each client's expectation in every job.

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